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Homage to Vincent van Gogh 11X14 Acrylic on Canvas

The composition and color is inspired by the later works of Vincent van Gogh




Earth Sky Pastel #1

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

Size: 14 H x 11 W x 1.8 in

Small piece juxtaposing warm oxide red and Naples yellow
With Oxide Greens and Blue. This piece structurally is a free form spline composition with textured cells



Flag composition that has been commissioned using 22 Maple leaves in various proportions with varied geometric manipulations applied. Kind of a daunting task in that the Maple leaf doesn’t lend itself to distortions so I did elongate some of the leaves and bisect their internal geometries. I think that the combinations of echo’s offsets and Autumnal colors works well at least for this aspect of the design.Very labor intensive to sat the least.



detail view


perspective view

Inverted Spectrum

This work is an example of my full color spectrum series. The composition displays the spectrum in 2 directions in contrast to one another

Color Wheel Cross

Color Wheel Cross 40"X40" acrylic on canvas

This work is of a divided color wheel of 5 panels.The four outer panels are dived in to thirds with a central tile linking all the others together in both horizontal and vertical plains.

this work is available feel free to inquire for details

This exhibition marks my third solo exhibition in Guatemala  at the Galeria Panza Verde. This is a beautiful space for exhibition.It was with great pleasure that I presented 8 new works and had the opportunity to display another 11 extra that have never been shown in Antigua.

I was very appreciative of the warm enthusiasm and good attendance. Thanking everyone once again that was there.



This is a video montage I did of works from 2 exhibitions

One at the Panza Verde Hotel in Antigua Guatemala and another at the MUSAC in Guatemala city

Sea Sky Composition #1

This is a free form composition predominantly  of earth tones reflecting both sea and sky fragmented  in alternate cells

the medium is acrylic on canvas 22″X28″

Sea Sky Composition detail

Sea Sky Composition detail



Boundary Layers and Turbulence #1 20"X24" Acrylic on Canvas

Boundary Layers and Turbulence #1 20"X24" Acrylic on Canvas

This is a new series that incorporates progressively morphing offset splines  combined with turbulent distortions intersecting horizontally the generally vertical composition.

1st in the series that I will investigate over the next year


Boundary Layers and Turbulence #1  Detail 20"X24" Acrylic on Canvas

Boundary Layers and Turbulence #1 Detail 20"X24" Acrylic on Canvas

Detail image showing texture

Homage to Marvel and DC comics

Homage to Marvel and DC comics 11"X14"

This is a work inspired by the color and movement of classic comics featuring primary Reds and Blues with black structural lines